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(Inspection: Friday March 9th, 10am to 4pm & Saturday March 10th from 9:30am)

Antique and Collectible Western, Cowboy, American Indian, Railroad, Mining Auction  

1. Pair of Beaded Moccasins  2. Hupa Basket (as is) 9.Large Very Old Navajo Rug, Two Grey Hills, 104"x 52"  7. Small Pit River Basket  
3. Klamath(?) Dolls 4. Two Covered New Mexican Pots, V. Tafoya, Jemez 5. Three Pots:  Hupa, G. Rails, Blue chips and Beads 6. Navajo, Susie Charlie Pot, Jemez Pot and  Bear Figurine
11. Pueblo Friendship Pot, R. Anger   12. Pueblo Pot, Betty Sally 14.Four Knives (choice)  15. Sun Kachina Doll with corn legs
16. Two Belt Buckles, 4 Pair Earrings, Pin (some silver)  17. Indian Baby Doll and Cradle 18. Stone Mortar and Pestle 20.Tray of Points
21. Western Quilt, 80"x89"  22. Pair of Framed Prints, by Till Goodan, 14"x 17" 23. Pair of Unframed Prints by Till Goodan, 12"x 14" 24. Framed Watercolor by F. Massa, 21"x 17" 
25. Metal Sculpture  26. Rattle     27. Tray of Arrowheads 28. Tray of Arrowheads
29.Eye Dazzler  Navajo Rug, 62"x41"    30.Beaded Native American Brain Tanned Leather Shirt  31. Decorated Soligen Antler Handled Service for 6 with Carving Accessories  33. Close up of Design
37. Framed Print by Stanley W. Galli, 39"x 27" 38. Horseshoe Stool 41. Western Books Collection 42. Mission Orange Soda Metal Advertising Sign,   2'x 2' 
44. Pair of Buffaol Horns 46. Tacked Saddle Cinch  50.Horse Bit & Bridle with Silver Conchos  53. Holster & Rig .22cal and Badge 
54. Horse Tack  55. Hatchet, Knife and Lantern (sold separately)  56. Hammond Logging Flag 58. Pair of Horse Hames 
61. Two Rodeo Ropes 62. Large Buffalo Belt Buckle   64. Four Belt Buckles 65. Four More Belt Buckles
66. Charles Russel's "West"  Book  67.Assorted  Western Books  68. Books on Alaska 69. Humboldt County Items 
70. Four Issues Cal Historical Society   71. Arizonia Magazines on Southwest Indians 72. History of Colusa and Siskiyou County Books (sold separately) 74.History of Nevada County, Calif. 
75.Framed Print, "Target Ploesti", 19"x 13" 76. Framed Print, "The Last Adobe" by Mabel Valencia, 14"x 12" 77. Over 100 Hotel Luggage Tags  80. Dine Navajo Pottery, ca. 2000 
81. Dine Kokopelli Pot 82. Acoma Wedding Vase  83. Acoma Pot, ca. 1990'a  84. Ute Mountain Glazed Pot, ca. 1980's 
85. Tohono O'odham Miniature Freindship Vase 86. Acoma Bear  88. Red Leather Wrrapped Handle Wedding Vase  90. Cherokee Ceremonial Dance Fan, by Crazy Elk 
91. Cherokee Turtle Dance Rattle by Crazy Elk 92.Sioux Beaded Moccassins  94. 2 Tourist Dolls, ca. 1950's 95. Sterling Navajo Dreamcatcher  Necklace by Lilly Nelson  
98.TruquoiseNuggets, Leather and Magnesite, Fossilized Coral, Turquoise and Magnesite Necklaces (sold separately)  99. Sioux Beadwork, ca. 1970's 100.Owl Beadwork, necklace and Earrings  101. Carved Arrows-Turquoise and Sunstone; Old Calibrated Turquoise with Sterling Findings, ca. 1960's; Large Kingman Turquoise Nugget Necklaces (sold separately)
102.Long Sterling (Hopi), Dry Creek Turquoise, Sioux Blue and Bone, Sioux Porcupine Beaded Earrings (sold separately)  103. Lumbee Tribe, Turtle Necklace and Earrings; Lakota Sioux Necklace, ca. 1960's (sold separately) 104. Many Strand Seed BeadsNecklace with Sterling Findings with Matching Earrings       105.Zuni Pawn Turquoise Bracelet, Sterling Story Teller, Sterling with Gold Overlay Navajo Story Teller Bracelet (sold separately) 
107. 9 Stone Turquoise Old Pawn Size 8 Ring; 5 Stone Turquoise (Kingman?) Size 9 1/2 Ring; Dry Creek Turquoise Size 7 1/2 Ring (sold separately) 108. Grant Dial Wampum and Sterling Bracelet, Earrings, Size 8 Ring  109. Turquoise Necklace, Beadwork, Sterling & Coral Watch Clips (sold separately)  110. Stained Glass Panel, 28"x12"
112. Small Plaque, Cherokee Wedding Basket made from Thread  113. Unframed Bev Doolittle Print  115. Framed Print by Patricia McAllister, 16"x20"    117. Framed Print"Chief Four Bears", Elk Woman, Kathy Whitman, doubled Signed, 22" x 35"                
121. Two Framed Prints,Doubled Signed by Jody Bergsma 122. Four Allen Prints  123.Wintu Basket  124. Wintu Basket 
126. Wintu Basket 127. Hupa Pedistal Basket  128. West Coast Trade Bead Necklace; Russian Faceted Necklace; West Coast Trade Beads, Dutch Trade Beads, Cinnebar Necklace (sold separately)    129. Beaded Pair of Moccasins  
130. Large Pit river Basket  132. Ute Bow & Arrows 134. No Calif Bow 135. History in Their Blood, Hallmarks of the Southwest Books (sold separately)
136. After Columbus & The Native Americans Books (sold separately) 137.Zuni Kachina Pin  139. Beaded Medicine  Bag       140. Oil on Canvas by Natalie Sherven, 28"x 34" 
141.  Oil on Canvas by Natalie Sherven, 30"x 33" 142. 4 Sterling Pins, 3 Sterling Pendants  144. Sterling and Abalone Pin and Earrings  145. Sterling Necklace and Earrings 
149. 2 Stone Mortars  150. North Coast Basket  151. Hupa Baskets (sold separately) 152. Hupa Baskets (sold separately) 
153. Hupa Baskets (sold separatey)  154. Hupa Baskets (sold separately)  155. Pit River Basket  156. Cochiti Decorated Bowl 
157. 2 Beaded Bags 158. Beaded Moccasins  161. Pair of Silver Decorated, Embossed Leather Spurs 162. Pair of Bronze Spurs, by Bruman
163. Pair of Inlaid, Embossed Leather Spurs  164. Birchbark Basket with Handle  165. Covered 
Birchbark Basket with Strap
166. Yei Rug, 23"x27" 
167. Germantown(?) Blanket  168. Sash  170. Carved Wall hanging 171. 2 Penobscot Clubs 
172. Woodland Club and Spoon (sold separately)  173. Beaded Doll, Eagle and Bison  174.Pair of Child's Moccasins  176. Three Kachina Figurines
177. Three Baskets 179. Bone Handled Scraper, Karuk Brush  180. Two Native American Dolls            181. Extra Large Stone Grinding Bowl
182. Framed "Flaming Arrow"  Print, 30"x 24" 183. Steer Horn Schooner 184. Navajo Rug, 43"x60" 185. Pomo Negative "Boat", Basket by Mary Benson
186. Assorted Santa Clara Pottery 187. Assorted Pueblo Pottery 188. Assorted Acoma Pottery  189. Two Framed Photos 
190. Pair of Beaded Moccasins  191.Two Beaded Bags  192. Assorted Old Silver Jewelry 193. Hames Wall Mirror 
194. Pair Ceremonial Dance Leg Bells 195.  Assorted Small Weavings 196. Assorted Misc. Feathers 197. Misc. Items 
198.Assorted Beadwork  199. Sterling Ring with Indian Head  201. Roosevelt Dimes, 1946-1964 202. 3 Mortar and Pestles (sold separately)


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