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July 30th, Monday @ 5:00 PM

Antiques Auction at our Shasta Lake Gallery

Preview Friday & Sat. 10:00 – 4:00 PM and Monday from 10:00 AM

66.  6' Oak  Sherer Bean Counter – Front  67. Bean Counter -Back  74.Bean Counter Lable  85. Unusual Walnut Halltree, ca 1880                    
1. Five West German Beer Steins  2. Five more West German Beer Steins  3. Slated Picnic Basket with insert Tray  4.Wicker Picnic Basket 
5. Tablecloths and More 6.Doilies, Runners and More 7.Leaded Glass Table Lamp   9. Black Walnut two over two Drawer Dresser with Mirror    
10. Matching  Black Walnut Vanity with Folding Mirrors and Stool                  11.Black Walnut Drop Front Desk with Gallery  12. Tall Mahogany Dining Hutch                        14. Pair 14k Earrings
16. Trays of Earrings 17. Pair of Mahogany bow front End Tables 18. Cast Iron Waffle Iron, Favorite-Piqueware 20. Hall Nesting Bowls 
21. Royal Hager Vase, 16"H 22. Mirrored Tray, Lipstick Holder,Compact,Perfumes  24. Mickey and Minnie Wall Plaques 25. Covered Italian Porcelain Dresser Boxes
26. Bavaria Teapot and Cups 27.Sterling Oneida "Afterglow" Flatware Service for 12,  85.07 Troy Ozs    . 29.Hummel Figurine  30. Fur Cuffs and Hat 
31. Pole lamp              32. Monkey Ward's Tobaggon            33. Framed Early French Print "Duke of Gloster", 20"x23"            34. Framed Print, 25"x37"
35. Framed Print, 23"x 31" 36. Framed French Print, "The Kiss", Gustave Klint, 28"x32"  37.Framed Print  38. Framed Print
39. Two JewelryBoxes  40. Framed Glass on Enamel 41. One of two Jewelry Cases            42. White Sewing machine Cabinet      
43. Selb, Bavaria and Excel Dinnerware  44. Signed Red Skelton Framed Print, "Clown's Clown", 16"x 19"    45. Signed Red Skelton Framed Print, "Red and Freddie Both Turn 80", 14"x 17"              46. Framed Red Skelton Framed Print, "Independence Day", 13"x16"
47. Signed Red Skelton Framed Print, Another Day", 14"x 17"       48. Hand Blown Glass Vase O&F?)          49.Metal  Black Sambo Game Board               131. Three Color Neon Sign
51.Exquisite Mesh Bag with Mirror and Comb 52.Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Silver Cert. Dollars (sold separately)  53. Uncut Bills, (sold separately) 54. Vintage Concrete Black Boy Fishing Lawn Jockey Statue, Concrete MCHY Co, 1957                     
55. Old Toys  56. Beanie Babies and Stuffed Animals 57.2 of 3 Horns, Auto Rearview Mirror  58. Water Sprinkelers, etc.
59.Two hand Drills with Bits 60. Three Meat Grinders 61. Shoe Lathe and Forms, Bottles          62.16 Licence Plates 
63. Tins, Boy Scout Sharpening Stone, two train candy holders 64. Bood Trails Series Books    65."Old Smokey" Smoker  68.Mutoscope Pin-up Cards 
69. Rings  70.Costume Jewelry  71. Earrings 72. Broaches and Pins
73. Bracelets  76. Bracelets  77. Figurines  78. Cultured Pearls
79. Necklaces  80. Necklaces  81 Field stool with folding seat  82.Field stool with folding seat 
83.Very old music stand  84.Folding Bookcase  86.Oak clawfooted reclining Morris Chair with Steer embossed upholstery  87.Small        2-drawer cab 
88. Old Slatted Trunk  89.Old Trunk  90.Old Slatted Trunk  91.Aluminium assorted 
92.Assorted Pyrex and Refrigerator Jars  93.Assored old bottles  94.Primative Kitchen utensils  95.Beautiful Oak Sellers Kitchen Cabinet with Tambour Front,  Flour Sifter, Sugar Dispenser Jar and Hoosier Jars  (Open)            
96.Sellers Kitchen Cabinet (Closed)         97.Brakk Teapot on Iron Stand         98.Maple Piano Chair with adjustable seat 99.  Crazy Quilt
100.Quilt  101.Quilt  102.Old Slatted Dome top Trunk  103.Old Keyholw Trunk 
104.Wood Tool Box  105.Table top lot  106.Table top lot  107.Table top lot 
108. Old Photo Albmu with photos  109. Box Lot of Miniatures  110.Assorted Porcelain Lot  111.Custard Glass and Bellek 
112. Group of Ewers  113.Framed Print of Crater Lake  114.Framed Print "The Lone Wolf"  115. Framed, Shaped Beveled Glass Mirror 


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