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October 4th & 5th at 10:00 AM

Preview starts at 9:00 each day

On Site Estate Auction of a Huge Antique Tools (and More) Collection in Mountain Gate, Ca.

at Mountain Gate Recreational Storage , 14534 Wonderland Blvd. Mountain Gate, CA

73. Large Hand Cranked Wood Lathe          74. Table Saw 75. 76. Old Shop Smith Drill Press
77. Old Shop Smith Combination Saw 78. Old Table Saw 79. Industrial Size Band Saw 80. Commercial lathe with a 14″ Bed and assorted accessories
81. 82. Jointer 83. 84. Drive Wheel
85. Assorted Old Tools 86. Square Mortise Press 87. Lathe and Drive Belts 88. Old Tools
89. Assorted Old Sleds 91. Metal Lockers 92. 2 File Cabinets 93. Tap and Dye Set
94. Old Saws 95. Industrial Belt Driven Band Saw 96. Old Saws 97. 2 Electric Fans and Misc
98. Assorted Levels 99. Old hand Saws 100. Assorted Circular Saw Blades       101. Several Old Trunks and Tool Boxes
102. Radial Arm Saw, Scroll Saw            103. Carpenter’s Tool Box 104. Assorted Old Toys 105. Primitive Tables
106. Stacking Bookcase Parts 107. Wagon Wheel Hubs and Column Tops          108. Treadle Sewers, dresser Base          109. Large Loom
110. Axe and Hatchet Display Rack          111. Axe Display 112. Assorted Axes and Hatchets  Wood Barrels, etc 113.
114. Moulding Planes 115. Hand Planes 116. Scrapers 117. Block Planes, More Block Planes      
118.More Block Planes 119. Advertising Box with Braces       120. Cabinet Parts 121. Fine Woodworking Periodicals
122. Levels, Old Radios 123. Oak File Cabinet 124. National Cash Register. 125. Assorted Old Iron
126.Block Planes 127.Braces, Pulleys 128.Old Drill Press 129.Mitre Boxes and Saws
130. Old Wood Clamps 131. Old Tool Boxes 132. Scroll Saw 133.
134. Scroll Saw 135. Old Iron Church Bell 136. Old Wood Boxes 137. Early carpet Sweepers
138. Several Old Clamps. 139. Old Drill Press 140. Country Store Enterprise Coffee Grinder 141. Maple Dresser and Mirror
142. Hand Crank Wall Phone, Work Bench 143. Old Wood Tools 144. Stanley 45 Plane, Block Plane         145. Butter Churn, Footstool. Misc               
146. Old Lumber Mill Dolly Cart            147. Large Old Blacksmith Bellows    148. Forge and Blower 149. Blower
150. Assorted Fishing Gear. 151. Old Cart, Metal Seat with Leaf Springs 152. Blacksmith Tongs 153. 3 Hatchcover Doors
154. Misc Blocks and Tackles 155. Assorted Picture frames 156. Axe and Hatched Display Old Factory Cart. 157. Old Doors
158. 2 Electric Fans 159. Stand up polisher/grinder 225.Saddle maker’s Clamps 226. 10″ Table Saw
227. Table Saw 228. One of three Shopsmith’s 229.Assorted oil Lamps 230. Assorted Miscellaneous
231.Work Bench 232.Drawers full of tools 233.Pipe Clamp and Wrenches 234.Lots of Power tools
235.Free Standing Fireplace with triple wall stove pipe 236.Set of Oak Chairs 237.Snow Board 238.Frame Clamps
239.Tool Box  and Block Plane 240.Hooked Rugs 241. 242.Trunk Full of Pulleys
243.Anvil Clamp 244. 100lb Anvil 245.Parlor Stove 246.Soldering Irons with Copper Heads
247.Keyhole saws and more 248. 249.Augers and handles 250.Auger
251.Wood Block Plane 252.Cobbler equipment 253.large Bench Vise 254.Miscellaneous
255.Oak Wall Phone 257.Blow Torches 258. 259. Foundary ladle  and more
260.Tools 71. Cast Iron and Irons 72.Cast Iron Including Griswold, Wagner and More 73.Assorted Marbles
74.Red Wing  Water Cooler 75.Assorted Tools 76.Mill Cart 77.Some of the many molding planes       
78.Iron Planes 79.Wood Block Planes 80.Old Iron Wheels 81.Some of the many Levels
82.A few squares 83.Anvil    84.Blacksmith’s Forge, Blower 85. Foundary misc
86. Mill Cart 87. Cast Iron School Bell 88.Drill Presses and Hand Drills 89.Scroll Saw and More
90.Wagon Wheel Hubs 92.Blow Torches 93.Assorted toys 94.Pick Heads
95.Rack of File Cabinets 96.Old Yarn Winder 98.Assorted Blacksmith Tools 100.Old Violin
97. Benjamin Franklin Air Rifle            146-4. Saddle Maker’s Bench 147-4. Foot Driven Lathe 149-4.National Coffee Grinder
150. Folding Rulers, Plumb Bobs, Line Levels,Box Lots 151.Folding rulers, Plumb Bobs          152.Plumb Bobs, Line Levels, Box Lots    `153.Scales, Calipers, Finials, Casters, Box Lots
154. Mallets 155.Braces, Hand Drills 156.Assorted Drills 157.Antique Door Hardware
158.Stanley Planes, Routers, More          159.Braces, Corner Braces 160.Assorted Cobbler Hardware 161.Assorted Cobbler Tools
162.Assorted Wood Clamps 164.Cobbler’s workbench and assorted Cobbler’s Tools 165.Some of the many levels 167.Calipers, Locks, etc.
168.Copper Irons, Chisels, more          `169.Tall oak incubators 170.Nice old tool box and antique contents 171.Display of Cooper’s Tools
172.Group of Meat Cleavers 173.Vises and More
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