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On Site Evicted Picker’s Huge Warehouse Liquidation Auction

107. Regulator Clock, Framed Print          108. Box Lots of assorted knives      109.Assorted Box Lots 110. Wall Clock, Stereo Speakers         
111. One of several boxes of toy trains 113. Murano Art Glass, Coleman Lanterns 114.Surveyor’s transits and tripods      115.Fishing Tackle
116.Duck Decoys Fishing Basket      117.Duck Decoys 118.Coleman Lanterns 119.Fishing Reels and more
121. Fish Reels 122-5.Refrigeration and commercial fish/Lobster tank 122-6.Assorted Fish Lures
127-5.Hand  tools and more 128.New 8000BTU AC/ Iron Bell          129.Assorted toy trains  130-4.
130-5.Assorted Musical Drums      131-4.Assorted Scuba and diving Equip 131-5.Electric 1000lb Forklift 132-4.
132-5. Stacks of Hard and Soft Cover Books 133-4. Artist sgnd Oil Painting 133-3. Commercial Fis/Lobster Tank 134-5.One of the many boxes of 35mm camera and photo gear         
134-6.Propane heaters and tanks        135.Weight lifting machine 136.Child’s trampoline 137.Weight lifting
138. RC and slot Cars 139.Smalls 140.Oil Can and game 141. 4-dwr metal File cab
142.Framed Artist’s Proof 143.RC vehicle 144. 145.Star Wars Collectibles
146.Assorted Safety Helmets 147.Chargers, Test Equipment 148.RC Boat and Pin 149.Microscope Set
150.Early Radio & Sewing Cabinet      151.Early Apple Computers, Monitors, Ballasts, Test Equipment 152 Floor Safe (Locked) Letters from Elec Sign, Boxes of Headphones 153.Assorted Vacuums
154. Street Signs, Early Auto folding Shelf 155.Assorted Lighting, Auto Gear          156.Scuba and diving gear 157.Assorted Toys
158.Toys 159.Misc Gaming 160. 161.Toys
162.Some of the Many Speakers 163.Collectibles 164. 2Record Players 165.Toy Truck
166.Moulding Plane, Old Phone, Axe head & More 167. Great Antique Slicer 168.Poker chips  in Case 169. 10″ Table Saw
170. Camera Gear 171.Tools 172. Assorted SilverPlate 173.PRIME Lettering form Anderson Movie Theater
174.Indoor Grower’s Tent 175.Speakers from the Anderson PRIME Theater 176. Several Motorized Wheelchairs 177.Assorted Shelf  and Wall  Clocks
178.Assorted Power Tools and Radios      179. Decomishioned  Hospital Incubator 180.Amplifiers, mixers and more        181.
182.Stereo Speakers 183. Stereo Speakers 184. Old Radios, Power Tools+more                                        185.Electric Keyboard


186. Water Cooler 187. Honda 1984 Gold Wing Morotcycle 188. 8′ Folding Ladder 189.Scanners
190. Gasoline Powered Model RC Airplane 191. Gasoline Powered Model RC Airplane 192. Banjo Clock, Regulator Clock        193. Framed pastel
194.Dart Board, Phone, Adv Tin            195.Brass Firefighting Nozzles    196.Coca Cola Misc, Salesman’s Sample Sewing Machine 198. Assorted Tack
199. Trolling Motors 200. Tennis Ball Pitching Machine 201. 2 Pair Snow Shoes 202. pair of Mickey Thompson LT325-60 Baja Radial Tires
203. Gamefisher 5HP Outboard Motor 123-5. PRIME Elec Sign from Anderson Motor Theater 123-6.Assorted glass and China
124-5.Glass Fruit, Old Buttons, Etc                                  125-5. Craftasman 2250 PSI Pressure Washer
126-5. 221. Griswold Lid 222. Old Cast Iron Motorcycle and Cannon 225. Plat Map Printer
226.Assorted Stereo Equip 227. Stereo Equip & More 228.Toys and Misc 229. Assorted Hub Caps
230.Musical Drums 231.Amps, Speakers and More        232. Stereo Microscope 233. Automotive Instrument Cluster     
234. Receivers, Amplifiers, Sewing machines 235.Receivers, Amplifiers 236.Speakers 237. Receivers, Amplifiers
238.Stereo Gear 239.  Boxes of Plastic Models 240. Coca Cola Sign 241. Boxes of 45rpm records
242. Vinyl Record Albums 243. Vinyl Albums 244.Albums 245. Albums and CD’s
248. Sports Cards 249. Sports Cards 250. Sports Cards 251. Electronic Test Equipment
252.Assorted  253.Cameras and More 254. Small Cash Register, sterilizer 255. Toys and Models
256. Leather  Saddle * Tack 258.Campbell Houser 1500PSI Washer 259. Lg Iron Bell
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